I started at St. Francis in Nov 2015. I've been a school counselor since 1997. I've taught CCD to pre schoolers , kindergarten and sixth graders . I graduated from Westminster with a bachelors of Science and a Master of Social work from the University of Utah.

I am a parishioner at St. Ann Church were I taught CCD to pre schoolers and six graders. I've had the opportunity to attend religious congress and workshops that have helped me to live my Catholic faith. I've seen my profession as a gift from god and blessed to be able to help people especially children and adolescents.

I was born in California, when I was 15 my parents moved to Utah and I have lived here ever since. I'm a godmother to two nephews and one niece and I have taken my responsibility seriously bringing them up in the Catholic faith and being a role model for them. I am very excited to work with teachers, staff, students and parents of St. Francis .

Debbie Rocha
School Counselor