Dear Parents and Friends,

It is with great honor that I accept the responsibility as Principal of Saint Francis Xavier School. I am passionate about teaching and Catholic education. For 27 years, I’ve taught music, prayer, scripture, ethics, and social justice to young people and adults. I have been blessed with opportunities to speak to students and parents on confirmation retreat, witness students Skype about justice with peers in India, help them build a school in Uganda, serve at soup kitchens, and see them give generously to those in need. I know the educational power that technology can offer our students as well as its challenges in the classroom and at home. Most recently I have been an administrator at Juan Diego Catholic High School overseeing professional development of the faculty while working closely in campus ministry. It is the gift of engaging the whole person that excites me to be a leader of a Catholic school that allows each child to speak of their faith, discover their gifts, and use them compassionately for bettering our world. The next generation of problem solvers and peacemakers might well come from SFX.

I first came to know about this school through its graduates. SFX students were always prepared for their classes, organized, ready to learn, polite and well spoken. More importantly, they possessed an exceptional ability to listen to others, analyze with compassion, and articulate questions that drove their desire to excel in learning. SFX students articulated their beliefs in God and their concern for justice in the world. These graduates are testament to the partnership of SFX faculty, staff, and parents working for the success of the children.

Having worked with Xaverian Brothers, Salesians, Holy Cross Sisters, and diocesan educators and attending two Jesuit colleges, I have a high regard for our patron saint, one of the first Jesuits and a stellar missionary. St. Francis Xavier is known for his enthusiasm, joyfulness, passion for learning and action, and love for all people. In these few days on campus, these are exactly the gifts I have found in the staff and parents I've met. “Love of God, love of others, love of self,” Christ’s call to love, is vibrant and living here. SFX is a special place!

My goals are to continue the good work of Principal Reeder’s legacy and this fine faculty’s dedication to strong home and school relationships and academic excellence, rooted in God’s love for all. My husband and I know the challenges and joys of raising five children in this complex world. Parents and teachers together foster the loving yet challenging environment for our children to grow in faith, knowledge, wisdom, and compassion. I ask for your prayers as I join you in this exceptional community and look forward to meeting you at the Back to School Night August 17 and our BBQ on August 25.

God bless you and your family,

Marianne Rozsahegyi