I have be involved in Early Childhood Development Programs for nearly 30 years. I have been the Director of several Childcare Centers and Preschool Programs. I worked briefly with the Head Start Program as a lead Pre-Kindergarten teacher. Working along side my own mentor, I became a mentor and trainer for teachers working to obtain their Early Childhood Development Accreditation. I have also served as Sunday School Administrator and Teacher for over 25 years.

Before coming to Saint Francis Xavier in August of 2005 I was the Pre Kindergarten teacher and Extended Day Director at St. Olaf's in Bountiful, Utah. I have worked as Director of the St Francis Xavier Extended Day Program and have taught the AM/PM Pre Kindergarten classes. I am currently teaching the AM Pre Kindergarten class.

In working with young children over the years I have come to appreciate how incredibly unique and special each one is. My core belief is that children learn best in an environment where they feel safe, loved and accepted. Where they are able to build trusting relationships with the adults that are caring for them as well as with other children.

Since children are natural explorers it is vital to create an environment that promotes opportunities for each child to explore and discover through individual playas well as through group interaction. As a teacher my greatest responsibility is to make sure that each child in my care has a positive and encouraging learning experience that will help them to develop a genuine love and thirst for learning.

Claudia Long
Professional Educator
Pre Kindergarten