The Saint Francis Xavier Home & School Association (HSA) is an organization, much like the PTA, that brings parents/guardians and school staff together to strengthen the school community and enhance the learning environment at Saint Francis Xavier School. Annual HSA dues are paid during school registration. ALL parents/guardians of children attending Saint Francis Xavier School are members of the HSA.

The goals of the Saint Francis Xavier HSA are:

• Fostering a feeling of community between Saint Francis Xavier families and the school
• Improving communications between Saint Francis Xavier families and the school
• Identifying volunteer opportunities for parents/guardians, students and staff
• Sponsoring activities to nurture the spiritual and educational objectives of the school community

NEW FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR - “Class Representatives"

To ensure every grade has HSA representation, one parent from each classroom will be appointed as the “Class Representative”. During Back-to-School night, the classroom teacher will solicit one parent to volunteer as the Class Representative. All Class Representatives will be expected to attend and participate in the 5 meetings held throughout the school year. If you are interested in being a Class Representative for the school year, please notify your child’s classroom teacher at Back-to-School night.


• Holds monthly meetings to facilitate communications between parents/guardians and school
• Identifies volunteer opportunities to help parents/guardians fulfill PIP hour requirements
• Plans, organizes and supports many school community activities and events including:
 » Back-to-School barbeque/social
 » Uniform exchange
 » Scholastic Book Fair
 » Red Ribbon Week activities
 » Assembling Thanksgiving baskets for the needy
 » Collecting and delivering donations for the Candy Cane Corner
 » 8th grade graduation breakfast


The HSA will meet 5 times during the school year. All HSA meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and generally last one hour. The meetings are held in the school library. Extended Daycare is provided at no charge during this time for parents attending the meeting.