I have had the wonderful opportunity of being a part of St. Francis School for over 11 years now. I strongly believe that the education process for all of us starts the day we are born and continues throughout our eternity. Learning is an essential process in the life of every person because it empowers all of us to grow, succeed and to help others by being able to communicate properly our ideas with them.

I believe the role of teachers and parents to be an awesome responsibility in the process of educating all the children of this earth. I believe that effective teachers not only have to be confident in their subject area but also diverse in their methods of sharing this knowledge with their students. I believe it is very important to be patient and not compulsive in the process of exploring and learning a new language. Every child I have had the privilege of exploring the learning the Spanish language with has perceived and absorbed each new idea at a different level.

I have always been attracted to the profession of being a teacher, especially teaching foreign languages. Along with my wonderful students we try to create a warm and inviting learning atmosphere incorporating music, group interactive games, and other technologies that contribute to help make the learning of Spanish productive , interesting and enjoyable. I truly enjoy seeing the fruit of our labors.

I hold an Associate of Science in Elementary Education, a Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Spanish, and a Masters of Arts in Spanish.

Tatyana Davis
Professional Educator
Grades 1 - 8