I have been teaching since 1973, various grades 1 through 8, and most subject areas. I have been at Saint Francis since 1991. I currently teach middle school classes of social studies, literature, health and various exploratory classes. I hold a BA in Education from Indiana University and an MA in Education from the University of Utah. I also have a secondary social studies endorsement from the state of Utah. I have served on several curriculum committees and accreditation committees and have a strong grasp of appropriate grade level curriculum. I have been recognized as an outstanding teacher by the Diocese of Salt Lake and by the National Catholic Education Association.

I love teaching – I have never seriously considered doing anything else. I believe that all children can learn. I also believe they want to learn. I believe in setting high standards with high expectations. It has been my experience that when faced with high standards and expectations, children will strive to reach them. I think the teacher’s function is to guide and lead the student, rather than just to impart facts and information. We must attempt to instill in students the desire to learn. We must give students the skills they need to learn and to demonstrate their learning. Those tools are not the same for each student, and we as educators must be flexible in order to encourage different learning styles. Children learn from each other as well as from teachers, and learn best in an environment of respect and concern.

I moved to Utah in 1977, but hale originally from Indiana. I attended Catholic elementary school and one year of Catholic high school, which I credit with my desire to teach in Catholic schools. I come from a large family – two brothers and ten sisters. My own family is quite a bit smaller – my husband (we’ve been married since 1974), two children and four grandchildren.

I keep myself busy with a variety of interests. I play rudimentary guitar. I love to read and knit. I enjoy travel, both by car and by air.

Veronica Brand - Vice Principal
Professional Educator
8th Grade
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